Hire a professional videographer for your live event

Do you need a professional videographer for your live event? Reach out to Old Sparky Productions, Inc. We film concerts, weddings, conferences and more in the Fort Myers, FL area. Also serving clients in Bonita Springs, FL.

3 reasons why you need a professional videographer to film your live event

With a live event, there is only one chance to get great footage. If you hire a professional videographer, you can feel confident knowing that your video footage will look and sound amazing. Choose us, and we'll:
  1. Document your live event using high-definition cameras
  2. Give you creative video footage with clear audio
  3. Shoot from different angles to give you a fantastic view of your live event

Trust Old Sparky Productions to give you stellar footage of your live event. Call 239-822-5710 right now to schedule a consultation with our video production team.