Lights, Camera, Action!

Hire a professional videographer for your live event in Fort Myers, FL

Do you need a professional videographer for your live event? Reach out to Old Sparky Productions, Inc. We film concerts, weddings, conferences and more in the Fort Myers, FL area.

3 reasons why you need a professional videographer to film your event

With a live event, there is only one chance to get great footage. If you hire a professional videographer, you can feel confident knowing that your video footage will look and sound amazing. Choose us, and we’ll:

  1. Document your live event using high-definition cameras
  2. Give you creative video footage with clear audio
  3. Shoot from different angles to give you a fantastic view of your live event

Trust Old Sparky Productions to give you stellar footage of your live event. Call 239-822-5710 right now to schedule a consultation with our video production team.